Official sever #4302 oceania needs attention!

Game mode: [Online PS4 pvp # 4302
Problem: [Only 1 solo player in sever]
Region: [Oceania]

[offical Sever is Dead ? I dont know why . Is #4302 a official sever? If so why no one joining ? Help please . Cheers

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

there was probably a toxic alpha present at some stage. Resource and obelisk blocking, foundation spam, there is a lot of reasons why servers empty. It’s oceanic so there not as populated as the eu or na servers to begin with.

Hello @WorldStar, welcome to the forums!

Concerns regarding low population servers are not exactly bug reports but, just in case, we verified that server and determined that everything is in order. You might want to join a server with higher population or simply give that one a shot, perhaps in time more exiles will follow!

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