Ok funcom provide some answers please

Enough already. WE all know there is a MAJOR problem on consoles. Do you have ANY knowledge of the problem and if so, when will you be correcting? thanks!

Your loyal fan base.


Not sure if youre talking about the insane server lag spikes affecting multiple servers at once or the duping exploit but yes…the game needs some immediate attention.

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the game does require enormous attention because clearly on console it is unplayable, I cannot play on siptah (its direct crash when I launch the loading to join such and such a server on siptah) on exiled land in the north we only freeze and crash (where my base is with my friends) and it’s been going on since 3.0 so it’s been 20 days since there’s this problem and still nothing… I despair

If its bluescreen when you try to load any siptah (offline too) then go to your game libary on Conan and download the siptah dlc again.
This helped me after @sestus2009 give me the hint :slight_smile: thx again

It would be very helpful if funcom pin those fixes here at the forum.


thanks for the tip i will try that

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