Old Tartania Beyond the Walls

The crow flew past and the wind blew. Far below on the bridge, the commoners and nobles passed back and forth, eyes focused on their tasks.
Jarafin readied herself. Once again, she found herself seeking new lands and believed she had found a way to worlds undiscovered. She had read a few scant tales of lands beyond the walls of Old Tartania, but she believed that she had found a reliable path.
At once, she rallied a few stalwart guildmates and set forth into the unknown.

A moss covered bridge behind the palisade

The steps appear to be behind an invisible wall, but can be climbed-

Upon the bridge

Conan’s Castle can be seen in the distance from this vantage point

The empty village

Empty, save for the livestock

A temple upon a hill

Lastly, view of the Iron Tower

There is much much more- but that’s another story