Tortage The Undiscovered Part 2

Chancing upon some ruins, the party found more strange sights, as noted some seemingly familiar and others, decidedly not-

The lava in this part of the world does not harm, as Jarafin ended up under its flow


Lastly at the edge of the sea, some strange magic at play-

And so, Jarafin and her companions will continue to explore- For now, the way in will remain secret although indeed, it is known by some. Perhaps, the way will be told soon. It easy to enter, only a mount is needed at the beginning.

These are the days of high adventure…


You can get up to the top of the Volcano, btw. It’s pretty cool!

Nice shots!

I did some exploration for fun as well.

Top of volcano.

Made my way to Mithrelle’s Mansion

I eventually made it to the roof of Mithrelle’s place. I like this shot in particular.