New Map(room)..?

I saw the most recent teaser picture earlier today, and man was it tantalising.

I wonder if this is the new Maproom, assuming there will be one. In which case its nice little snapshot of what the new landscape may look like. It also seems to suggest that our old ‘friends’ the Serpentmen have a presence on it. Yeah I know Im not sharing anything new here. Guess Im just pondering my excitment out loud.

Bring on the Map Expansion!! :smiling_imp: :metal:


Dude that is exactly the curent map right down to the green pillar posts, the light up stuff the serpentmen are pointing at is the volcano.


Yep, looks like the current map with some glowy serpentman magic special effects.

Serpentman leader: “This is where we live now. Soon we will cross the threshold to a new land, rich with resources and with no pesky Exiles to hunt us down. Muahahahahaaa!”

Crowd: “Yay, no more pesky Exiles to hunt us down!”

Pessimistic serpentman: “But what if…?”

Serpentman sycophant: “Shut up, you whiner! You’re ruining the moment.”


I know its only concept art but that landscape, while similar, looks quite different to our current map room. Pillar locations and all.

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I have the same tought, that volcano seems taller? or like, with something on top of it?


I can’t tell, but it would be pretty cool to go hunting for a new map room recipe on a new map.

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Is it though Raskhaul…? I am not so sure. Let us just say for argument sake that it is. In the current map the ONLY biome which bordes with the Volcano is the Frozen North. The expanse of snow looks too small to me. But again let us say that is indeed it, and the Highlands is in the foreground, that would mean that we are standing to the south facing north. So…where is the Desert biome?? Considering it is the largest biome by a country mile, at least some of it should be visible. That was point one. Point two, see how there are what appears to be bosies of water to what we assume to be the east and west of the map…? Now if you recall, in the Exiled Lands there was the sea to the east of the Jungle, but the was no bodies of water to the far west of the Exiled Lands beyond Sepermeru; it opens into another expanse of deep desert like the starting area.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say its the new Map at this point.


Good one, @Kapoteeni !!

I thought it looked like the old maproom, but it isn’t. The old maproom with the volcano looks like a crater, while in this maproom the mountain looks centered, not like a crater at all.

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its facing SW not directly south, basically between the two jungle obelisks.

you also have to realise this is an artists rendering not a in-game render, seems pretty obvious to me they are indicating to the Old Map, even if the map room or whatever represented in the concept is on the New map.

That is what I thought also. The ‘Mountain’ looks like the centrepiece of sorts on this one. The absence of Desert, and the additional bodies of water are the giveaways for me.

There is also greenery at the base of the ‘volcano’ between it and where the snow begins, another inconsistency. Yes it is an artists render. However, I also feel it would be a missed opportunity to use the final tease before the reveal to just show us a picture of an already existing map.

We may have to wait and see what the developer stream shows us. Either way I dont mind, and Im the kind of guy who is humble enough to admit if he is wrong.

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Yeah I am like even more sure now, just fired up singleplayer and flew to the volcanos spires which match the concept, and the map room makes it pretty conclusive even for the green bits up the the volcano, that or they copied the old map near exact lol

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