A thought after watching the last live stream

Curious, after watching the live stream i notice it was brought up about the empty space at the top right of the map. And again they said this map is done it is how it is there will be new dungeons etc etc…my question is, are we gonna see new maps? This map is done so let’s get some new ones to explore. :grin:

They already said mounts are not gonna happen or at least in any time in the near fiuture.

I just grow impatient waiting on new content. I’ve been playing since the beta and have pretty much done everything i can think of or read about with the exception of learning the new religion. Thats being worked on currently. :slight_smile:

I like your idea of a smaller weather threatening map…sounds like it would be challenging.

then you need to listen again. they said that they have no plans for that empty space at the top right.

He wasn’t talking about adding anything to the empty space in the top right. He was talking about adding a brand new map. As in, you get your bracelet removed or something and you’re transported to an entirely new land, thus (in theory) bypassing the technical limitations of the engine for map size.

I think Ark does this, if I understand it right. You collect artifacts, beat the boss and “ascend” to a new island. I haven’t had any direct experience with that one, so maybe someone that does can verify.

Sure there will be new bioms and maps and mounts. In a new game.

Glurin, you are correct sir. Thank you for understanding what i was saying. Apparently that gets lost somewhere when other people read it.

:roll_eyes: ah and the “in a new game” comment…then go play a new game…we are talking conan and future ideas.

This may sound kinda silly but I wish they would make that top right corner look less like an empty puzzle piece, if you know what I mean. Just do something to make it look less like an eventually accessible area when looking at it on the map. It bothers me looking at it, but I have no suggestion as to what they could do lol

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Certainly I don’t have anything against new space on the map or new bioms. Hell we lack space to build. Everything feels condensed and with the new npc camps it will be even worse finding a nice place to build.
BUT. Funcome now have many times clearly stated that they don’t intent du add new bioms, areas or even maps to the game. That goes for the mount, too. At some point its pointless to bring that up over again. My comment has nothing to do that I wouldnt like to see it in exiles, I just accept the limitiations and design choices which were made.

So the mounts are out, as well as the new content for the unaccessible parts of the map (about 40% of the squares), but what they didn´t kick out entirely yet is the sorcery system which uses corruption. He only said that they´re “not actively working on it”, so maybe that´s something new for endgame.

Also I´m still loving the idea of a new game plus bonus after using the keystone.
That would make me replay the whole thing over and over again (especially when sorcery kicks in).

I only want to remind you all PC players of CE

Testlive Patch notes from 31.01.2019
Modders now have access to an additional 10 Map-levels for use in mods, named “Camps-Mod-011” through “Camps-Mod-020”

This means Modders have 10 levels down the map to create additional dungeons or when they use a skydome addditional land
@Croms_Faithful maybe you will get a marshland ?


I have private server and have used admin to get to that part of the map. It’s kinda dead texture. Nothing moves can’t build or anything. Like a weird dream.

Like in the Corum Series of Micheal Moorcock (by the way a heroic fantasy series) these are probably the lands of absolute order, the most terrible of all worlds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No honestly it’s prepared for Modding and Modders have to fill it with content and life if you mean the levels beneath the map.
The other lands beyond the green wall are a placeholder for Funcom dungeons which will be integrated in future.

It would be awesome to see it happen BiJay, however I am an offline ps4 player. And with my verrry limited technical skills, modding is pipe dream for me. This one would be on either other modders, or Funcom themselves to breathe life into it. The best I could manage is the creative concept. But goodness it would be nice too see it happen.

Ps- I also have a second and final biome idea which will be in my next suggestions list too…

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