Once placed the nordheimer horn can't be destroyed or moved to inventory

Single player game
North America
PS4 Pro

Bug Description:

When you place the nordheimer horn you can’t pick it up or destroy it. It says it’s damaged but won’t allow you to repair it.

Steps to Reproduce:

*Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced.

  1. Start a single player game on ps4
  2. Place a nordheimer horn
  3. Attempt to move or destroy the horn
  4. It says it is damaged but won’t allow you to repair it
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Do you have the materials that it lists in your inventory when you view it with the repair hammer? If so, then it sounds like a bug. You need to report bugs to the Zendesk.

Yes, it says it requires horn. No matter how many horns are in my inventory it won’t repair it. Sorry for posting in the wrong spot. This is my first time

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No worries :wink:, welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:

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I tried to report it to zendesk but it asked for an official server number. I’m playing on single player.


Just use 9999 :shushing_face: and explain in the comments that you are playing Single Player. Try to be as detailed as possible in the report. Best of luck. :smiley:


All I can say is that I see no mistake :man_shrugging:. You reported a bug in the bug section, it cannot be more correct. Can you please tell me how I will find this decorative in the admin panel, after the rendering issues I do not decorate a lot and I am a bit rusty :rofl:. However I do remember this bug about this horn starting after the Siptah update. I was invited in a private server and the admin that place it couldn’t fix it or remove it. He was sad because he place it on the ground so he couldn’t do the workaround to remove the foundation and make it disappear. He even turned on pvp and he couldn’t demolish it :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So yes, this horn is bugged on Playstation at least. @DaVice, how about pc, can you please try to place it and tell us if it works properly there?
@Idyllic-Cinder welcome to the forum :+1:t6:, we need kindness around here, so you’ll be very necessary, please stick around.

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