Onslaught "Guide" - Livestream Roundup

Hello everyone,

since the VoD of my livestream about the testlive testing of the new onslaught-mode got way more views than normally, i figured there might be some useful information for people who missed the testing themselves in it.
So here’s a condensed version of the stream for all of you.

I also archived the whole VoD as a highlight, cause twitch doesn’t save past streams forever. So if you want to watch the long version you can find it under highlights on my twitch channel.
Also the video somewhat picks up pace at around 10 minutes.

A big thank-you goes out to my group who let me stream and slack on a stupid conq spec :wink: and also provided some funny banter.
And to AndyB who kept the servers running just a little longer :shushing_face:

If you wanna watch the full version of Honeys “onslaught-trailer”, check her youtube channel out.


She’s got some pretty good videos on there.

Lastly if you have any questions feel free to drop by one of my livestreams.
I usually stream on mondays, thursdays and saturdays, if i get confirmed for the raid that day :upside_down_face: