Open Beta Dark Agartha Observations

One easy advantage Hammer w/ ascendant has is high expose uptime (I don’t know offhand what a lv.1 red signet gives but it’d be around 60%, vs. maybe 47% for a casual rotation with Paragon) It’s pretty much a free 6% damage advantage to hammers, some other weapons get it too but others need to slot an active for that purpose when soloing. Tachyon pushes that even higher but I’ve never even tried to run numbers on that.

It feels weird to call anyone who can grind to E10 in the first place casual, that’s what, 3-400 dungeons and similar numbers of scenarios. In that time you should at least have a good reason not to be using the standard 5/2/1 glyphs. (like if you’re in tank ones)

Good argument for the exposed uptime, but it comes at a cost of DPS losses due to not having a properly damage buffed Eruption, more GCDs used and more energy spent. That’s really not the best deal. Adding Rampage to the build, for instance, is probably overall better.

Also, something i didn’t mention alongside downgrading DA levels in case you can’t manage to beat your highest level: purple animas cost virtually nothing, there’s no reason to not run them. Alongside that, DA has some other consumable items for sale, such as a +5m completion time limit, or a +75% damage boost for 20s.

In any case, as soon as there’s content with a time limit on it, it’s pretty delusional to believe it should be tuned so that literally any build could beat it, there would be no point in the timer if that was the intention.

PS: the Tachyon does not reduce the cooldown of elites.


Right, it’s mostly an advantage relative to the above AR build on the same gear, so between that and the KSR having 0 bonus damage that’s already 10%+ of the difference that is not some inherent “hammer is better” thing.

100% agree. It’s supposed to be a challenge, and I want that challenge.

Any build within certain margin of “best”. How big is this margin? I’ve heard requirements for self-healing voiced by devs (healing signet + healing passive), but what are damage requirements?

Good damaging build within a chosen pair of weapons is a given, you can swap passives and actives easily by the time you get to DA as you’d have at least 2 weapons filled by lvl 50.
But what about extraordinary talismans/weapons? Some good ones are fairly cheap, some rather expensive, but are they required or is difficulty balanced including generic talismans/weapons as well?
What about weapon-buffing signets? Are generics intended to be enough to at least minimally pass the timer?
What about agents? Several good agents come from achievements, but what about those whose weapons didn’t luck out with supporting agents?

In general, what would the very lowest plank be for passing the timer in on-level DA? Assuming that player has enough Glance Reduction for the bracket, would there be weapon combinations unable to pass with generics?

These are all good questions. Generic signets are obviously fine by themselves. If you take my DA E10 run with blood, i had 4:40 left on the timer at the end, one can maybe extrapolate. That was not a run with a fully bis gear since i wasn’t using the Eldritch Tome but the Anima-Touched blood focus to test it specifically. But everything else was close to bis.

With museum + agents, i’d expect 6 to 7 min left on the timer with the same setup.

I’ve also been doing rotational mistakes since i’m not that good at blood, but i’ve no idea how to quantify that.

Generic signets instead of specific ones could represent around 30-45 seconds i’d guess.

Regarding extraordinary talismans, these also depend on talismans, hard to quantify.

At the end, what matters is how much DPS you’re losing because your build / gear / gameplay are all lacking cumulatively, and what would be the easiest short-term step to circumvent the problem - lowering the difficulty, or paying for the extra 5 minutes. And as i’ve said, always running at least a purple anima.