Option to connect to last server

Rather than forcing us to go through the “select a server” list (which is a nuisance on the console) it would be nice if we simply had a “connect to last server” button/option when we play online. And if you already have the password for said server, not extra clicking. One click, you’re in. The way things work now is … clumsy, from a UI perspective.

You can join the desired server through the HISTORY tab

Of course, but that’s my point. Give us the option to connect to the last server we played on before we even have to get to that godawful server selection UI. Put the option with the “PvP”/PvE" selection, before it starts listing the available servers.

Edit: Just to be clear, I think it’s godawful from the perspective a console player, using a controller to navigate through that mess of a UI that was clearly designed for a mouse/keyboard.

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Or they could put an option right below play online to “Connect to the last play session”. I wanted something like this for years now back to early access.

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