Seriously, what's the point of the game mode screen?

When you select “Play Online”, it would be so much better if it just showed your favorites by default. I suspect that’s the primary interaction for any returning player. Why show the game mode selection screen, and then even when you skip default to displaying all Internet servers?

Yeah, I know… so many higher priorities. but come on now :smile:


There’s a button to not show the game mode selection screen in the corner, no problem.

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There’s a button to skip it, but (at least on Xbox?) no button I can find to skip forever. Am I missing something?

I suspect most players just go to their favorites every time, and it’s a rarer interaction to find a new server.

Right now, to get to favorites you have to

  1. Skip the PVP game mode screen
  2. Change the dropdown from Internet → Favorites (which can be wonky while it’s initially loading that list)

It feels like the default screen should just show favorites.


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Hey I jump to new servers all the time. I actually savor leveling and learning the ins and outs of a new server

If it wasn’t for this thread, I wouldn’t have known they changed what that screen looks like. I haven’t seen it in years.

The game should remember user’s preference.
Currently, you open it everytime it’s like the first time you play the game.

It’s like you go to the same restaurant for the 100th time and ready to order “the usual stuff”, then the waiter comes up and says, “First time here? What would you like to have?”

Since you solved the “never show again” checkbox part :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s hijack this thread and finally inform Funcom that they really need a new server list interface…

It is rather clumsy and also a bit irritating having to have that server browser instantly load in our face when we press “Play Online”.

What there SHOULD be is an intermediary interface:
Your Servers:

Pardon the crude sketch made in Paint :smiley: Obviously they’d make it the same theme as the other interfaces and not use my paint theme…

So this would immediately show the servers you added to your server list without querying the whole damn list… and allow for faster connections without having to battle the interface…
When you press the Add New… that’s when the current server browser would show up and load that huge list then allow you to pick one to add to that list and connect to…

Currently we have to outright battle the interface… it even steals focus at the completely wrong moments.
For example in my personal case, I connect to my own passworded server… I go to the play online… I can see it on top as I favorited it… but the interface won’t allow me to click it immediately… because it’s loading all the OTHER things that I have zero interest in :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I finally click it… and hit connect… asks me for the password ofc… but before I could hit Ok on that… it steals focus yet again and closes the Pw window because it loaded something irrelevant yet again :man_facepalming:

So currently it’s just better to use that directconnect command…
But something like the above would be massive QoL for this game :stuck_out_tongue:

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we don’t have that option on PS, may not be on XBOX either, damn you PC haha

I think the best way to handle that (since the servers don’t like to list what characters are on them for… naughty reasons in the past) is when you login to a server, the game outputs to a file which server you are on, its details, character info (name and level), the last password entered to get on the server, and even its modlist.

Then in the game launcher it reads that file and you can click the box, similar to what your image shows, and you go straight to that server. As well as in the game as you suggested (don’t see any reason not to have both, especially for those of us who test on SP).

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