Option to turn off T3 altar beacon light

Topic says it all.

With time there are more and more T3 altars on the map and all these light pillars can become annoying.

You meen turn off just the light or the icon on the map showing its T3 aswell?

Mean the lights.

But being able to turn off the map icons would be nice too.

Just my own personal viewpoint here, but I love the different coloured lights emitted from the T3 shrines. Honestly, it makes me just a wee bit jealous that there isnt a T3 Crom altar (ie-a Crom Forge) which emits a grey light! :mountain_snow: Of course this is improbable for a number of given reasons. However a man can always dream. :yum:

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i have, right now, about 15 t3 altars, 12 of them, just for the lights, in a pvp server

Thats why I asked for an option to turn them off, so everyone could decide if they want that lighshow or not :wink:


There is a mod for that, can’t remember the name offhand, but it’s implemented on Rie’s PVE server

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@Bugkyou Why do you have a stone pick and a Wooden shield? And why do still haven’t survive a purge? I’m starting to doubt this is yours xD

From the moon you can tell that this print is from the week of friday 13th 2019,

What is wrong with stone pick and wooden shield?

It’s just funny to me that you have 10 plus T3 altars and still walking around with those.

But nice picture tho :slight_smile:

Yeah I did @Bugkyou

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