Chapter 3 - Keep the light beams pls

The title says it all. Removing the altar beams is an absolut no go.

I need my altar beams more then some event lights. After all not everybody is interested in the events. Its not neccessary to shovel them right into peoples face.

Its the same as with the battlepass. Why can´t you guys at Funcom not let us choose what we want to see and do on the map and what not.

Making this thread because many people do not play the beta version and will be shocked about this.


They got rid of all alter beams?




In the upcoming update, yeah:

I hope they’ll reconsider, though :frowning:


Yeah. Just read the patch notes. Personally, I don’t care, but that’s definitely going to upset a LOT of people.



Honestly they could just put in an item call altar beam source and just let us use blood stone as a power source .

Im suprised funcom is quite dumb in these regards. And just let admin have the right to an command to disable power source to altar or not

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I am super pleased they got rid of the alter beams, perhaps now, people wont destroy the official servers by building every single altar in their Texas sized bases. Thank you Funcom. :+1:


I mean, a base doesn’t have to be “Texas sized” to host every shrine. And I honestly don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to build all shrines in the same base, either.


True, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the primary reason people do it is because of the beams.


:point_up_2: Exactly!


Primary reason for what, for building all 7 shrines? I mean, yeah, one of the reasons I like to do that is because of the beams, but that’s just one part. The more important reason is that I get access to all the stuff from every religion. Having the beams is an aesthetic bonus.

But that’s pointless speculation and totally beside the point. We all know how to deal with “Texas sized” purely decorative bases, right?

Every infraction of the rules should be dealt the same way. And anything that isn’t an infraction of the rules should be left alone, and those who dislike it and want it gone should be politely explained what “sharing the server” means and pointed towards private servers that cater to their specific tastes and sensibilities :wink:

Come on, guys, you know better than that :slight_smile:


I like to place an altar decorative because of its beam. Now I don’t have to think about how I need to place them to have the beam at center of my mostly round bases :sweat_smile:


People build big because they love to build and want to show their builds and talent to other people. Their decission is not made based on some shrines size or lights. People could also build their workstations close together in one small area but they don´t. Because they like to seperate their working areas. Build blacksmiths and lumbermills and all kinds of other stuff. Do you also want to get rid of every station so they are not able do that any longer too? Like @CodeMage said you don´t need to build big, its simply a personal decission.


To be fair I never understood why they made those silly beams in the first place :man_shrugging:
Reminds me of those old dodgy nightclubs that shine a spotlight at the sky so you can locate them even if you’re drunk out of your mind :joy:

I’m indifferent on the topic though :man_shrugging: yes lights… no lights… whichever we’ll end up with


I’m wondering if this was all the plan because of the lights are memory hogs


But then they introduced a huge ass light source seemingly with map-sized render distance you can see even from the northern biome.


If they are, just give us an option to toggle it on or off on the client. :man_shrugging:

My bet is on this theory, though:


That doesn’t sound right even if it’s what was said… mostly because that would imply alter lights returning after the event. Who wants to take bets that will happen? It doesn’t make sense to turn off a game feature with the sole reason that it upsets an event especially if there is not back story behind it. No, I firmly believe that is a convenient cover story to something that has plagued the servers (even if cool because I remember my first true base with all 6 at the time lit up)


:thinking: and I thought funcom wanted to keep the lights on sooooo what were the bazaar purchases for​:ghost:


I can’t see why they would bother to come up with a cover story if it is indeed due to server load. I’m sure most of not all active players would be all for improving server side performance. If that was it I’d be inclined to think they would just outright say as such. In the dev stream it was said that they wanted the event to really stand out so we’re planning to alter some current in game light features. My money is right there.