Derketo Tier 3 altar no light beam?

Not sure if this is a bug, or just something that hasn’t been put in yet. The tier 3 altars usually shine a huge beam of light into the sky in different colours (depending on which altar). There is no beam from the tier 3 altar. However, I did create this tier three altar pre-launch. Does anyone know if it has worked since the launch? I’m hesitant to start redoing the whole thing (expensive mats to get to tier 3) if it still does not work anyway.

The admin also tried spawning one to the same effect. And no, it shouldn’t be too close to the other shrines (although I am aware there was an issue with that previously).

Game mode: Private Server
Problem: No beam from Derketo altar

Repro steps:

  1. Build Derketo’s shrine
  2. Upgrade to tier 3
  3. Observe no beam

Hey, I found this problem too.

I can confirm the lack of the lightbeam but I’m on Ps4, maybe everyone has this bug?
Are there any people who have seen the light? (no pun intended).

Yeah same on xbox,no beam

As it seems there are no Derketo priests to capture (correct me if I am wrong), I do believe not all Derketo’s functionality was implemented yet… altar light beam included.

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I think you are quite right. They have, however, fixed the lusttaker crafting location (it is now in the altar, not the blacksmiths bench).

Yes lusttaker is now in the Pleasure Palace, however no light beam yet on LIVE PC SP PVP,

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Just tested before, upgraded my altar to T3 and no, no lightbeam is showing up.

I tried also and crafted the bubble which is worked as intented and looks fine. Also summoning Derketo herself wasn’t a issue. So it looks more like a missing lightbeam, a simple visual bug for moment.

Founding a priest is more the thing i would say !

For testing on PC SP I spawned in the Derketo priest that is listed in the Admin Panel, put her on the Pleasure Place? First Tier Alter. Then upgraded the alter to Pleasure Dome, she is still showing when I look into the Dome but she is NOT anywhere to be seen on Tier 2 alter. I am going to upgrade to T3 and see if she becomes visible once again. I have read that she is “there” buried under the T2 alter but haven’t looked yet.


What is this bubble? I’m not familiar

I’ve seen a set priest NPC literally fall into the altar, so perhaps!

I was kinda hoping for mood or disco lights from Derketo’s T3 altar…

Has anyone tried building a level 3 set altar, only to have it explode upon completion? Cuz I just wasted a crap ton of resources and more importantly vsluable time only to come out with nothing. Help!!!

I am now getting a yellow beam of light, from the Derketo fully upgraded shrine.

Yes i can confirm beam is working now. Only thin that isnt is the mapicon

Yes, I don’t get the icon either, or have yet to find a Derketo Priest.

Priest and High Priest are spawning at the bonfire on the left of the Pagoda of Endless Lust. There are reports that Archpriests are spawning there as well. If the bonfire has two crafting thralls just kill them and wait for a respawn.

Cool, will try that tonight. Thanks!

I can confirm the T4’s are spawning there. Got one named Kemet the Whisperer the night after the last patch.

Thanks guys, I got her.