What happens when you have a ceiling over a shrine/altar and upgrade from T2 to T3?

So our first shrine was the Pleasure place of Derketo and we build our open map-room kinda above it… (but 3 floors are free between).

And as Derketo is the only shrine, which isnt T3, what would happen to the ceiling/map-room, when I upgrade it form T2 to T3?

No light beam at all? The light beam rips our ceiling apart? Altar wont upgrade and fail?

light beam goes through your structures but doesn’t break anything, its just light. How wold people build safe structuresin pvp if you could not protect your altar?


Let it open? But yeah, thats a good point… And just wanted to be safe. Dont want to farm zeals, when the whole altar goes “puff” and disappears.

But thx for the fast reply :slight_smile:

We usually have set altar for bubble inside our main building, its one of the first things to build once you start your base, cause you build your whole base around it. (crafting the bubble doesnt’ destroy the altar) . if you use it to craft a god, most likely you wont be able to fit the altar again inside.

For god coins, build something close to your base and protected and place it there

PS: In officials almost everybody builds an apex and uses god protection, so unless you caught them off guard, its pretty hard to bring it down

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As long as your ceiling is high enough it won’t be an issue when you upgrade your alter, I make my ceilings in my temple area at least 4-5 sections high just to be safe when upgrading my temple. Also you don’t have to worry about your priest when you upgrade either, he/she will still be there.

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Wait does summoning gods also destroy the altars? I thought it just consumes the archpriest

u assume - there have been many bug reports filed where people don’t remove the priests during upgrade and have lost them along with the alters. also, unless im wrong, they provide no benefit so it only makes sense to take precautions and remove the priest before upgrade

summoning a true name coin consumes both, along with any zeal above the 500 required to craft. summoning a dome of protection only consumes 500 zeal


Wow ok, I have never summoned a god before good to know before I do that thanks. Summoning the bubble only consume the archpriest but leaves the altar intact right?

no, summoning a bubble (dome of protection) only consumes 500 zeal

Bubble = 500 zeal consumed
Coin = 500 zeal + archpriest + alter t3

sorry, I should edit and add to make sure it’s 100%

Coin = ALL zeal + archpriest + alter t3 ALL CONSUMED - GONE - NO MORE (which yields a coin that gives u 1min of holy hell)

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Awesome thanks for the explanation.

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try it out in single player and make urself admin. U can spawn in the alter and mats and watch the process play out with no risk, or simply spawn in a coin (or 10) and see how they work


Actually no I don’t assume, I have upgraded my alter multiple times (either in different bases or after starting a new game) and never have I removed the priest prior to upgrading, but you are correct why take chances when you don’t have to.

goes through the ceiling

Actually, you need to be careful…

A Derketo Shrine at T1, can be enclosed in a minimum 5x5x2. You can upgrade to T2 no problem. But when you upgrade to T3, the shrine will disappear/break because its taller, and you have then lost the mats and zeal to get to T3. If the enclosure is 3 walls high instead (5x5x3), then its no problem.

Have upgraded all 6 altars to T3. 2 of them are even 10-20 meters above the ground.

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