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I just put all the resources needed into my Sepulcher of Set to upgrade to the Altar… waited for the timer and as soon as it was done… the altar dissapeared and what was left inside dropped into a loot bag that I couldn’t even loot because those seals cant be moved.

So no only have all the seals been lost, as well as all the iron, bricks, wood and more importantly time spent, even the original altar has gone.

That’s not exactly the kind of upgrade I had in mind.

I suspect what might have happened is that the Altar is actually a different size/shape to the Sepulcher, and there was not enough room around it, so rather than have them the same size or do a check in advance to make sure there’s room for the upgrade, it’s just set up to steal all the materials and time and destroy the original.

Put resources into Sepulcher of Set, click to upgrade and watch as all your time and materials get lost.

Welcome to the group of exiles blessed with the disappearing bug. We are not that few but still a growing number.
Make sure to nerver have an prist inside altar while upgrading!

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To prevent the altar from disappearing while improving, you need to stand and look at it all the time. Then he will normally improve.

Your suspicions are correct, the t3 > t2 > t1 in size so you must make your room wider and taller to accomodate for the upgrade or it will result in what you experienced. Most of the dimensions can be found through google so you can plan accordingly. Also ceilings can be a nuisance if placed before the alter is set. It says invalid placement or something when it shouldn’t imo.

ADDED: oh yes and as they said above, stay in the same room there during upgrade and no priest

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