Derketo’s light

Why isn’t Derketo level 3 altar doesn’t have a light pilar? :frowning:

PC appears to have the light. However, we do not have the marking on the map for Derketo. Like to see that fixed.

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I think it is because there is no priest in the altar.

Light will come when you get the 500 patch.

You mean the ‘mother of all screw ups’ patch?

The light is there.


It is the yellow one on the right. The icon is still not showing on the map. This is in the Live build since Testlive has not gotten the Hotfixs.


Derketo becomes the best god to use in pvp as you don’t give your base location away. Just gotta find a good spot to keep the light as far as possible and well hidden.

It seems the light beam is still missing in the ps4 build, personnally i don’t know since i play on pc too, but it is what i understood from the OP

The PS4 and Xbox builds are behind the PC build.

yes exactly.
Parity is coming soon apparently.

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