Derketo religion is so unfinished

No light on the altar, no light beam for level 3 altar, no statue, no high priestess except for purge spawn (which is also buggy)

Also “By Crom” emote is the same as “By Yog”, and we don’t have “By Derketo” and “By Ymir”…

I just hope Funcom can get their thing straight soon before players lose hope that they are capable of fixing the game

I know Purge in it’s current state is a mess (to say it mildly), but when I think about it as a game play element, I would prefer ALL Arch priests be captured only this way.
This would encourage players to build bases accessible for the Purge and give them a feasible reward for defeating it. And if Purge wave settings could be adjusted in a way NPC waves would always start demolishing from the farthest point slowly converging on the base itself, it could to some extent offset pillar and foundation spamming issue.

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