Orb of Nergal wrong face selection (bug 2.5)

Game: Singleplayer
Testlive type: Standalone
Lang: Polish

  • When using Orb of Nergal, the face selection indicates a different face than the actual is used.
    Note: Checked on the female character.


Can you share a screenshot showing the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Immediately, when using the Orb and selecting HEAD OPTIONS:

  1. The character’s real face is A (green). However, the Orb shows selected B (blue).

  2. After pressing the left arrow. The game loads a new but the same face A (green).

  3. To confirm that the next B (blue) option is not the same, simply press the right arrow. The game loads a new real face B (blue).

  4. At this point the problem is gone, you have to exit and use Orb again.

Just compare photos 3 and 1. Same option B (blue) is selected, but the face looks different (it is best seen on the upper lip of the mouth).

face gif

:memo: Edit: Added a new (4.) point.

Looks like old vs new face.


Thank you for the additional information. We’ll forward them along with the bug report.

We appreciate your support.

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