Origin Stories - Buga Difinoz - Part 1

Origin Stories - Buga Difinoz – Part 1

Intercept of an email between a Callisandra Summerisle and an Elyth Veldrin (Both Templar) – The Significance of this is unknown above the fact that it has been brought to our attention – Dragon – the Chaos coalesces.

Callisandra Summerisle

Dear Ms Summerisle,

While researching your request. I came across this fragment of a Tome that I thought may interest you, the title is too heavily damaged to decipher. It deals with the tale of a fallen Angel House (name indecipherable). While the name is uncertain and unlikely to have any bearing on your situation, the cause of the fall may.

Apparently, aeons ago, before there was an effective recorded history on Earth there was an Angelic being and a Demonic being who fell in love (their names are not mentioned, and they are simply referred to as the “Arvi Bretava” or “Grand Mother” and the “Arvi Lampater” or “Grandfather”. What is likely of interest to you is that the “Grandmother” was a Succubus. The exact Nature of the Angelic “Grand Father” is not hinted at in this fragment of tome (Although if forced to guess I would choose Aucubus – believed to be akin to an Angelic version of the Succubus), nor is the name of the Demonic house .

While it’s not unheard of for Angelic and Demonic beings having liaisons, what is unusual is that this pair formed a House (i.e. basically ran off together and started a family!!). Succubi have a reputation for thinking they are in love when it’s just lust. Their victims may think they are in love, but it’s the succubus’ gift of seduction. In this case it seems the feelings were true. This caused great upheaval and if it weren’t for a small cadre of loyal demonic and Angelic beings helping the couple, this heretical house would have been put down with great prejudice (obliterated). The most Loyal was a demonic “soldier” Bugalphegordifinozunix (this is the only name mentioned in this tome and is unlikely to be its true name). I believe that as his actions were considered so traitorous by the planes of Hell, a great bounty was placed on him, even though he was only a middling level demon.

Then there is a great track of text that is lost. With only a small fragment mentioning that the line was mixed and lessened, (presumably with humans) and that the house must await the great (more lost text). Then the phrase “respice in tres” which translates to “Look to the three”.

Why I draw this text to your attention is that if the offspring of this heretical union did “lay” with humans …. it stands to reason that they had a way to stop their partners suffering the draining, that you’d otherwise expect to occur. While I am yet to find a definite answer to your query, I believe these passages offer great hope that there is an answer waiting to be found.

Yours sincerely.
Elyth Veldrin, Department of Demonology, Ministry of The Hells (MOTH)

In a small cave on Honshu, the main Island of Japan, near the once important city of Kyoto.

It has happened! Clear thoughts are instantly available to me. It has been so long since we had been called. Already I could sense the excited chittering of the family as they began responding. It could mean only one thing; A new Bretava had become awoken. Bretava is of the old language, it roughly translates to “Mother”.

I’m getting ahead of myself, some context is in order. The fact that there is a new Mother means there was a trio that had formed and I need to ‘Respice in tres.’ - ‘Look to the three’. The three were always female, consisting of a Guardian (The Bretava); A Keeper (The Abektor); and a Hope (The Sper).

The magic of the Trio is triggered when the Hope is old enough to wean. From that time the Trio were lost to their birth parents, the magic that controlled all of this causes the parents to abandon the three sisters, who then have to survive alone. The aim of the Trio was for the Guardian and the Keeper to keep the Hope alive, giving her a chance to achieve her full awakening. This would restore the family’s sacrificed immortality.

Obviously over the millennia there had been a number of Trio formed. Equally obvious, none had succeeded in bringing the Hope to her full awakening. I know the strict wording of the magic involved weighs heavily against success. Interestingly to some, the family line could be passed by either male or female ancestors but despite this members of a Trio are always female. The Hope was always the youngest, but the new ‘Mother’ didn’t have to be the eldest sister.

Because I have been called, this means The Hope had reached an age she could be weaned and somehow by force of instinct alone, having no knowledge of who or what she is, the Guardian has managed to keep them all alive long enough to undergo her own awakening.

It’s not until the Guardian has ‘awakened’ that the magic allows the immortal guardians to assist. Until then they are held in a magically induced sleep or hibernation. While I wasn’t subjected to this, the magic still prevented me from acting in any other way than observe, and until there was a Trio there was little to do other than study the journey of human development anyway.

The magic has had other effects on me and also the lesser immortals of the family. We have changed, mellowed in our actions. For example, when I was released from my vat as a warrior, I was imbued with the expected innate traits of loyalty and obedience. Over the centuries, no millenia, I have discovered friendship and more. I am not alone in finding these changes.

The requirements of the magic for success are intentionally brutal. This safety net was not designed to be easy to fall into.

While I’m the most powerful of the family’s immortal guardians. I am … puny by comparison to a demon prince or lord. I am a warrior, a Captain of the house of the original Bretava. Still I’m different to a creature of similar breeding. The magic that was used to create this family’s circumstances has robbed me of many of the details of my early years and the start of this unusual family.

I know I was fiercely loyal to her and her lover, this despite them rescinding their immortality and embracing mortality. I remain so to their offspring. These descendants, over the years have mingled with the human population. These hybrid descendants, those ‘of the blood’ were unwittingly driven to survive and spread their seed. They have spread to most corners of the globe, the magic that created this House hiding their supernatural genome. All the while they unknowingly wait for a Trio to be born.

My formal title is Primarma, you could say Prime Minister of the House Lamechienvis. A world’s ransom has been placed on my head by the infernal planes. I remain remain hidden by powerful wards that were also fuelled by the immortality surrendered when the family went into hiding and fled the planes. Fortunately, I am able to maintain and replace these wards when required.

I know that we are considered a type of heresy … the joining of creatures, one of the Hells, one of the Host. My studies over the ages have had me wondering if the ‘powers that be’ were worried that the offspring of such a union could cause some sort of planar rift between the planes of Host and Demon. Certainly, there had been liaisons between beings of the Infernal and the Host in the past. Particularly with those whose sphere of influence was the human emotion of sexuality or love, such as the Succubus and Incubus from the infernal planes and the little known Aucubus, from the Angelic.

Occasionally, these beings may have thought they were in love. But when suspected and caught, most recognised their feelings as lust rather than love. Lamechienvis was different.

Rather than surrender to the punishment of the planes. They plotted and planned, using obscure magics that would use the power of their surrendered immortality to fuel a spell that would hide them so they could flee, hunted by both hierarchies. The origin of these magics is very much in question.

There was another major difference. A small cadre of relatively minor Demon and Host defected with them, confirming their loyalty to each other and this new house. Known sometimes as Heretici Lamechienvis. Deemed heretical, this union was to be expunged.

My mind drifts back to this Trio. The new Mother has awoken. This means in human terms she’d be about 10 to 13 years of age. The Hope would have been about 18 to 24 months of age when weaned, possibly younger. This suggests there is a relatively wide age gap between the Mother and the Hope. Not unheard of in human families. A fortuitous circumstance or could there be another agency at work.

My thoughts are distracted as the immortal guardians that have awoken from their enforced hibernation, started to invade my sanctum. Their chittering and excitement grow in magnitude as they gather. The awakening of a Guardian is a big deal in our lives. They had learnt with the advent of man that cat and dog forms were popular and this is how many presented. The beings clamoured around, begging for information.

I was still laying on the altar that has been my “bed” for the centuries. I wake my flames. Now looking like the demon from the infernal planes that I was or had been. Sitting up I try to calm the family. I still find the barks, whines, meows, squawks and other sounds their adopted forms issue, amusing.

At this time I had little to offer. So, the family has a new Mother. I wonder what she’s like? I wonder what the Keeper and Hope are like? Do we have a chance this time?

What can I tell from the calling?

It was strong. Strength is a good trait in a Guardian.

It was violent, she has awoken in the midst of violence, her demonic side will be strong.

I must go to her. Yes, I must go to her, but first I must find her.

Leaving the altar, I used my flames to study the ancient fresco on the wall. This had not been created by human hands and for being so old, was surprisingly accurate. Looking carefully, I could see that she was in a place called “Euwsah”.

One of the immortals buzzed around my head, condescendingly explaining you pronounced the letters separately, it wasn’t an actual word. This meant it was “U’, “S”, “A”. The creature went on to explain it stood for The United States of America.

The tiny demon was once actually a succubus named Meztyse. She could choose any size she wanted, but had always found the diminutive form an advantage.

The little ba$t@rd was sporting a huge grin and ‘mansplaining’ to me. Before the banishing, I would have torn her apart for such an insult. But we had grown used to; no, fond of each other. It seems small jibes like this are the measure, or language of friendship.

So, I was going to the U, S, A, to the West Coast specifically. I would know more when I was closer. One thing that did please me was, our new Mother had only transformed once. The less she does before I can guide her, the better.

While I could not yet teleport, I could still go faster than any machine man could make. I set off for the U, S, A.

End – Buga Difinoz – Part 1

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