Origin Stories - Buga Difinoz - Part 2

Buga Difinoz – Part 2

Before I could even start my search, the call ended. I cursed, It was so short … but, I hadn’t felt her fall, she was not lost, yet. There was still hope for the Trio. I had to stop myself from catastraphising, this had happened before. It wasn’t common, a false start to The Guardian’s awakening. It seemed to be like a last grasp at control of that part of her that was still human. Such irregularity would cease once the more dominant side of her planar genome took control with her completed awakening.

Even though the call had been interrupted. I had enough information to start my search. I know she is in the USA. As a bare minimum, I needed to get there, preferably before the next expression of her awakening. That this would occur is a certainty and the closer I am when it happens, the easier it will be for me to find her.

We were all now free to try and assist the Guardian. To do so meant I needed to know more about this new when. I sent the immortals out and they quickly started to return with information about this time.

Sadly, humanity has not greatly changed. The world is still plagued by war, deceit, pestilence, greed and the like. The fact that this was still somewhat balanced by compassion, desire for peace and the search to alleviate suffering was really a miracle. They also brought me knowledge of this time’s science, weaponry, medicine, literature, art and the like.

While absorbing this new knowledge I pondered over what I should look for? The Guardian had shown herself to be strong, by her very nature she would be sensual and definitely precocious. Despite this she would be hard to find, it was instinctual in all of them to “stay secret, stay safe”.

I had to look at Kyoto first. Throughout history many Trio had formed in this place now called Japan and particularly about this settlement that was now the City of Kyoto. I know, I know … I have zero evidence she started out in Kyoto over a ‘gut feeling’. All I knew for sure was that she was in western USA and I needed to head there as soon as I could. Not to spend a little time here before I leave would be foolish. Still, I didn’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time.

I ended up spending only a couple of days scouring Kyoto and found no evidence to either support or disprove that this was her starting point. Still my gut burned for Kyoto, so I left a small cadre of immortals to continue to look. Even though The Guardian was in North America, that didn’t mean the Keeper and the Hope were there, they may have been left behind to remain hidden. If they were here the immortals would be an extra level of protection once they were found.

After those two days I took a plane to the west coast of the USA. I elected to start in San Francisco. My reasoning being that if she had left Kyoto she’d have wanted to get to the USA in secret. I think she’d be more likely to have travelled by ship than plane as It would be easier to stow away on a ship than an airliner.

I was travelling as a businessman dealing with information technology. My vanity had me using an anglicised version of part of my name. My passport (I have some very skilled artisans) carried the name Buga Difinoz.

The information technology of this age is truly amazing. No longer did I have to resort to sifting through musty piles of paper or parchment covered by what looked like the faded, epileptic scratchings of some poor chicken. Likely written by some bored filing clerk who worked in ‘Records’ or perhaps a half blind monk working in the flickering light of a smelly candle.

Using this wonderful technology I searched for any unusual shipping news along the west coast of the USA. As I expected there were many unusual things reported but after looking at them closely there was only one item that really piqued my interest.

This was the murder of two sailors aboard a merchant ship. Both had been tortured and one had been given what I can only describe as an intestinal necktie. Certainly not proof but as I was dealing with a creature whose origins included the infernal planes. A creature finding new urges, drives and if anything like her forebears, a propensity to violence.

Needing more information, I widened my search and that search was fruitful. I found reports of a similar murder in Kyoto a few weeks prior to those in San Francisco and then the report of six bikers being killed further east in the USA, about two to three weeks after the event in San Francisco. About half of these bikers had suffered similar fates as the sailors but of greater interest to me was the report that two of the victims’ remains looked as if they had been gravely ill. These two would have been expected to be in prime health.

My working hypothesis was our emerging Mother had drained these two either wittingly or unwittingly. The incident site was also associated with a car and a number of these motor bikes, all burnt-out. If I could find this site, I would have her scent. This had all occurred near a place called St George.

To get there I first had to travel to a city named Los Angeles. In this city I summoned two of the immortals. One was Meztyse, this time taking the form of a human female, the other was a creature known as Muphy who, as per usual had taken the form of a rotund hound. They would provide both companionship and protection.

I headed immediately to St George. It took a little while to find the site of the killings. There was now little to see, the corpses and burnt out vehicles having been removed by the authorities. What they couldn’t remove was the scent. My Bretava was responsible for this.

Using the official Police Report I carefully examined the site, the indicated positions of both the vehicles and dead and the condition of the deceased. I surmised she had been attacked. Luckily for us but unluckily for her assailants, she had transformed with her “false start” and defended herself as only a Bretava can.

The car intrigued me. Knowing my family, she will be young and almost certainly precocious, thus looking years older than she was. She’ll be intelligent and highly manipulative. The car suggested to me that she was possibly travelling with someone.

There was no evidence of another victim at this scene. Was she still travelling with someone? I reviewed the various police and news reports I had downloaded. The day before, there had been a fire in a cabin. Remains had been found, but too damaged to determine the victims identity or even a sex. Again my gut was telling me this could be important. I needed to check that site. I was irritated that I needed to back track, but knew I had to.

I drove at speed to the cabin fire site. Again, the Bretava’s scent was strong here but it was accompanied by another scent, strong, powerful, dangerous. It was the scent of grief. Why did the cosmos make it so hard? Grief meant our new Mother had lost a love. For a Bretava, love can be a dangerous vulnerability. I needed to find her, to guide her. She was headed east. I guesstimated that from here, it could be a little over a week to the east coast, depending on where on the east coast?

I spent a couple of hours pondering this ‘where’ question. Staring at the map searching for some enlightenment. There were many possible places on the coast she could head to, but where. Hells, even that she was going to the coast was a guess at best. Still My thoughts were continually being drawn to New York, a gut feeling if you like. Through the aeons I’d learned to trust my gut and now I had no other information to work with, New York it will be.

No further call had come. This was a double edged sword. Firstly, it gave me more time to find her before she inadvertently harmed herself. On the other hand it made her harder to find.

Despite my desire for speed it still took me two weeks to reach New York. On her travels east she had spent a short time in a couple of towns. Long enough to detect the faint scent of her passing. I’m glad I took the time, in one I discovered where she had stayed for two nights. Her scent here was strong and confirmed my feeling that she was heading to New York.

Better still, I was able to confirm she was travelling alone, using a motorcycle (probably ‘donated’ by one of the bikers). I was also able to view some CCTV footage and I now know what she looks like. I spent a long while studying her every feature. Was she our saviour? Her image was captivating. The corrupting magic that started my family has allowed me friendship. I knew this feeling was different. I could not wait to meet her.

I was created in a vat. Obedience and loyalty is innately part of my being, they were the only drives that a demonic warrior required. Emotions per se, were not required and indeed considered a hindrance. The magic that allowed my family to form altered this situation for me and the others in our ranks.

I again pondered the question of where was she heading. The path she was taking was generally northeast … ‘ish. My eyes are still being drawn to the metropolis of New York. That would be perfect for one such as our new Bretava. She’d be able to blend in easily with the multitude of street people … Staying hidden in plain sight.

Trusting my gut, I couldn’t see any point delaying any longer. I would head to New York and hope that I’d find a trail to follow. There had been no renewed call, so there was hope I’d be able to find her before she could fail due to simple ignorance.

Finally I reached New York, estimating I’d have arrived about three weeks after she had. The city is huge. I despaired of finding her quickly.

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