Origin Stories - Dreams Of Lofn

Origin Stories

[The following are a series of stories that have developed as the Aath Character has developed and I started to think about how she and her family came into being. They are generally not as linear as the earlier stories, but there are some series within this category that are.

I figure that the information has been discovered in a somewhat haphazard fashion to explain this.

I think that the time between postings will also be longer as many of them are still just ideas floating about in the word-soup I have for a brain atm :smiley:

In this story Aath has a dream.

The Brean character is used with permission of the character’s player.

I would also like to acknowledge the huge input from Roxana-Player - My ever patient Editor. :slight_smile:]

Dreams Of Lofn

The warmth of a lingering kiss stirs her from sleep. Her eyes flutter as she processes the strange mixture of sensations: on the one hand, the welcome anticipation following from the kiss; on the other, concern about who in this empty bedroom had placed it on her cheek.

Not that she is alone, far from it–her nakedness presses against that of her Irishman, and the perfume of their earlier lovemaking hangs heavy in the air. He lay on his back, breathing softly in deep slumber, while she lay on her side using his upper arm as a pillow. She could feel his lower arm against her back and his hand resting gently on her side, just above the hip.

There was no change in his breathing to suggest he’d woken. However, the fingers resting on her side started to feather over her skin in a way that always sent shivers of wanton desire through her being. She emits a soft moan of delighted pleasure.

“Why are you awake, Love?” He asks, a playful light igniting in his sleepy eyes. “Have I failed you in some way?”

She moves faster than he expects, wriggling up his torso. The shuffling has had his hand slide down her body and he squeezes her buttock, a grin growing on his face. While not totally resistant to his overture, she still swats his chest giving him a fairly unconvincing frown. “Stop that~” Her voice hardens. “And no! Never once since we met, have you ever failed me in any way.”

“Good to know,” her Irishman teases, earning himself another half-hearted swat. She rolls her eyes, then lays her head on his chest with a tenderness that takes the bite out of her reply: “Idiot.”

This earns her a soft chuckle. “Then why are you awake, Love?”

Silence looms for a moment as she thinks, a finger idly tracing one of the spiral and zoomorphic tattoos adorning his chest. “I had a really strange dream–one of those where the details really stick. I remember it all. I … I think it means something.” Brean raises an expectant brow, a look Aath meets with a serious expression. “Don’t laugh at me, okay?”

His brow arches higher. “I would never.”

A soft smile returns to her lips as she mutters “Right …”. There is a moment’s silence as they look at each other, then Brean adjusts his arm so it’s now wrapped about her shoulders, drawing her even closer. The other reaches over and gently tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear before he speaks, his voice gentle and encouraging. “Tell me about your dream, Love.”

She takes a small breath and starts talking. Initially she’s looking into his eyes but her gaze drifts down as the vivid memories of the dream return, the details of which are seemingly burnt into her mind. “At the beginning, I was in a huge hall, it was smokey and full of laughter and noise. The others there were all blurry, fuzzy … I could see men and women, but I couldn’t see details, if you know what I mean. I felt …” She purses her lips a little as she looks for the right words. “I felt like I wasn’t in the same … plane, as them.

“Then in a blink I was in a smaller room–no, a different part of the hall… But the rest was blocked by a curtain of darkness or something. I could still hear the revelry, but it was muffled. I was trying to work out where I was when I heard a deep, rumbling voice: ‘Lofn (Loven), I have a task that befits you.’

“When I turned to the voice, I saw a giant of a man. Like those enjoying the party, his features were fuzzy, indistinct…” A faint shuffling of nearby feathers draws her eyes to their ever-present birds. “There was a black bird … a raven, sitting on his shoulder. It looked like it was whispering in his ear.”

As she is speaking she becomes more excited, agitated. Until she looks into Brean’s eyes… His loving gaze is one of the few things able to calm her volatile nature. Aath takes a breath and smiles softly before continuing. “From the shadows to his right emerged a brown-haired maiden, I could see her clearly. It had to be the one he called ‘Lofn’. She was beautiful, looked mischievous and her smile … oh gods, her smile.”

She chuckles and looks back down to his eyes. “The maiden leant forward to allow her lord–he had to have been that, it was obvious–to speak directly to her. I couldn’t hear what was said, but then she looked directly at me and smiled before turning and leaving the man’s presence.”

Aath wriggled a little to try and snuggle even closer to her Irishman before restarting her story.

“Then things swirled and I was left feeling a little dizzy. Next, I was in a magnificent library … I watched and followed the maiden, Lofn, as she stealthily moved through the place. I had the feeling she and I weren’t meant to be there. The inhabitants of the library were beautiful, but like the others in the dream, I really couldn’t make them out clearly either. They seemed totally unaware that Lofn and me were there at all.”

“I followed her through many halls and down many stairways. The tomes looked to be growing older and older the deeper we went. I felt like we had been descending for days.”

Absentmindedly reaching for his hand that was now resting on her shoulder, lifting it to kiss.

“Initially I didn’t think she was really aware of my presence, but at one time I was distracted by something.” notices Brean’s amused look and grins. “Okay, I was ogling the beautiful inhabitants of the library.

“Anyway, I turned and found Lofn was watching me. Then it was like, when she was sure she had my attention, she turned and continued on. I followed.”

“We continued our descent into the deepest and oldest parts of the library, where the shelves were covered in haphazardly piled rolls of parchment and vellum rather than books or tomes. I watched her as she placed what looked like an impossibly old scroll behind a shelf.”

“After placing the scroll, she turned to face me smiling. That smile…“ Aath shakes her head with a soft chuckle. “That smile. Aaaah, I could drown in it! She then leaned forward and kissed my cheek–and then I woke.”

Releasing his hand she touches her cheek. “I can still feel her lips… I … I think I know where I was at the beginning and who the man is … but the rest? I have no idea what the dream means. But it felt … right.”

Brean pulls Aath close and idly caresses her hair as he ponders her words, casting an occasional glance at their two birds. “Aye love, you have the right of it. The dream is telling us something–or you, in particular…”

Pursing his lips in concentration, he continues to caress her hair as she cuddles into his side. “I think you’re right about where and who, and you say the man called the woman ‘Lofn’? I am not familiar with that name … but I think I know it, if you know what I mean.” He lifts her chin with a gentle finger. “We need to look at this closer. But later.

There is silence for a while until Aath again starts to trace one of his tattoos on his chest, this time her fingers brushing gently at the rising evidence her touch is welcome. “I can’t stop thinking of her smile and how her kiss makes me feel.” She starts to crawl higher onto his torso.

Needing no further encouragement, Brean takes her waist in his hands and lifts her so she’s straddling him. His wife smiles sensuously as she slides back slowly, pushing herself up with her hands on his shoulders, uttering a husky “Yippee ki-yay!”

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