Other Uses For Sigils

I really like the new effects of the sigils. Not sure about how they all actually work. But now that I can’t use them on thralls they are starting to pile up in my loot chests. It would be nice if there were alternate uses. Maybe for Thralls they could go back to providing bonuses in the Maelstrom against Elder Things?

Is there an in game way to tell what they do?

they seemed bugged i ate a few and never saw nothin added in on the statuse page of my char its just shows a blank spot where it suppose to tell you

maybe you are bugged due to the fact that the game is modified?

cause that does not happens in the official server i play in.

Read their info while you have them in your inventory. Not the tooltip but the info from the info button. It will give you a hint.

i don’t play moded servers i only play officials.

I dont remember who, but someone did posted that document about sigils effect earlier here on forum.

Same. I don’t really use sigils on myself, since I don’t see much of a benefit from them and you lose them on death anyway. My chests are getting full of them.