Overflow is not moving to my bag

I have a petition in / and Email, so to round it out will ask here too, How do i fix Overflow, it’s said to be auto but I have 20 or so slots open and nothing fills, but i cant switch gear or anything due to the Overflow error i get in game.

Overflow isn’t automatic, items are dropped into an overflow inventory window that should appear automatically, and items can be taken out of that provided you have at least one free inventory space. If you have accidentally closed the overflow window you can reopen it again by overflowing your inventory once more. Just don’t zone or log out as you’ll lose whatever’s in the overflow.

You can force an overflow by filling your inventory and then completing a tradeskill process that returns an item, such as creating some blood plasma or an implant.

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Going to log back in and see if I can put on a ring

Logging out worked I dont know what was in over flow but that ok

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