I just hit 80... My inventory was full

So I’m a premium member and I literally just hit 80 last night. As soon as you hit that final level, its almost like a quest reward is turned in and you have a reward pops up in the middle of your screen, it had a Tier 1 box of raid finder gear and some Zath vanity pieces, the issue is when I opened the Tier 1 Raid Finder box, it gave me 1 piece (the only room I had available) the rest of it said it went to my “special inventory bag” but, that doesn’t exist. I’ve already sent a ticket in but I’m pretty sure my gear is just gone.

Please, if anyone has had a similar issue let me know :frowning:

So, no bag dropped at your feet with the other items? That is what normally happens in Inventory Overflow situations.

You should have an exclamtion mark (!) in your mini-map border.
If you make room in your bag and then click that you should receive the contents of the “special inventory bag”

No bag dropped, the overflow bag didn’t have anything in it. I even flooded my inventory and turned in a quest item thinking my overflow bag was bugged, getting it to pop back up - Still nothing. I’m pretty sure the only thing I can do is wait for my ticket to be answered. The game literally bugged and didn’t give me my gear. Pretty tilting.

I am pretty sure a GM can and will help you with this issue. Stuff like this is often just solved while you are offline, so I would not worry about going offline.
It is actually real T1 gear, has nothing to do with raidfinder.

Just saying…the bag actually says you need space in your inventory befor you open it, because otherwise the items will be lost. So befor talking about bugs…more reading less fast clicking :wink:

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Fair enough. Thanks for the input.

A GM can 100% help you with a quick “/petition” report. You’ll need to click in the top right corner where it says “Petition” in the window that opens.