Oversized bases

Co op or private server maybe?

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Co op or private server

If it can’t be seen from orbit, it ain’t big enough. :rofl:


And just like that, the most common item found in vaults across all the servers became potions of endowment. :smirk:


This is part of the problem

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Good morning .
the screenshot that you had shared clearly show various violations retaining the Constructions.
For the good of the Community and to be able to play in good conditions, when this type of behavior and discovered it must be reported and contact the FunCom support https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.
It is a shame to get there but alas some people must be diciplined. If we tolerate this kind of behavior then it is the door open to all abuses.

Holy Molly that’s a monstrous in size base. 0_0
It’s a good thing that I play by the rules and don’t build monsters (in size) like that base in your screenshots.

I play on a PVE and PVE-C server on my PC. Huge bases are pretty normal. Reporting them would be a full-time job. If they are blocking resources or paths from one area to the next I’ll report them.


They must think people enjoy being crowded by these ridiculous looking bases, when you just want to get away from them as fast as possible. report every time.

Report those that are obscene. However also use it as an opportunity to go somewhere else and build. There are popular spots and unpopular spots and I found the unpopular spots are areas I prefer over the popular ones just because it forces me to be different. Jungle bases are actually easier to make than others because most of the time you are either building a treehouse and that limits the amount of foundations needed so you save in farming or building in ruins which also saves you in resources since at least 1 side is covered from the mesh structure.

If you want true isolation, the frozen north is the way to go. Sure you got pockets of settlements around the frost temple but hardly anyone builds on the slopes of the volcano or on the Western ledge.
Volcano is always a goto since most don’t like it but my problem with it is that its a goto for most other anti-social players as well so it ends up being semi-crowded.

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Not really. At least, not really in the PC side of Conan Exiles. Granted, its large, but I’ve seen much bigger bases. The largest one I found was on an official server that took up three (yes, three) full grids. It was an “L” shaped base with massive T3 walls.

I’ve even seen bases that had bridges that stretched from Sepermeru to the Jungle coast and laced all through the North up to the volcano.

There have been some truly massive bases on official servers (way, way bigger than in those screenshots).

PS: And yes, they were reported and nothing happened. So, I left the server to look for some place more inviting that allowed players to play together. Now I don’t play on official servers anymore.


That’s one of multiple spots with an over build. Don’t you have server moderators who’s job it is to find stuff like this? I’ve already had to message the responsible party for the pictures I included about land claim violation. I went from playing 8+ hours a day to maybe an hour. Get around a mob, server disconnect. Get around one of these mega-builds, server disconnect. If I track down and document these blatant rule violations, FUNCOM needs to do their job and ban them. For the sake of the game and community.

I’ve got a modest spot in the Highlands I’m happy with. The problem is going near these ego-builds causes lag and disconnects. I shouldn’t have to uproot my entire base because people can’t follow the rules.

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The amount and sizes of bases you see on an Xbox official server range from interesting to annoying. However, saying there is now where to build is an exaggeration. Your first few choices might be taken but there is plenty of places to build your own mega base. With that said, here are a few of things on the server I play:

4 Lane Bridge over the river east of the unamed city

2 Lane Bridge from south of the savannah to the highlands

Stair case to the bat tower

Stair case to the spire of Mek-kamoses

Storm glass cube base about the same size as a Borg cube. I avoid the area because rendering the base bogs down my Series X

Bridge to the well skelos

Multiple mega bases that take up more than 1 map grid.

I doubt the entire map is taken up by other players land claim. Its a really, really big map.

Funcom tolerates it. This is PVE public servers, Xbox, PS, and PC. This is why i left them.

mynotaure Those might be the rules, good luck getting Funcom to enforce them on PVE.

Why? So In a few weeks I can get a canned email “Sorry, we busy, hope issue solved self, byiiiee”.

Ya I solved the issue, I went to a private server.

5 reports sent. More to come tomorrow. Now it’s up to you Funcom, stick to your word and start booting. We got multiple offenders from the same clan, lots of climbing to get good inclusive shots. Feel like I should be getting paid for this.

On the public server I was on there where multiple lag inducing bases around the map built by the same person. There are dozens of huge, lit like Vegus, with petting zoo bases around the map. Noob river looks like Monaco. The sink hole looks like down town Dubai. There are no less the 3 apartment buildings around every obelisk; well may be not in the volcano, think there is just 2 there.

I wont report them because I have 0 reason to believe Funcom admin will do any about it it ON PVE.

So much anger at the wrong party.

Fight for better servers. Fight for a much clearer ToC. Fight for a better process. Fight for optimization.

Try talking to the clans who are “overbuilt” first.

Funcom created this problem.


That’s the kind of attitude that lets FUncom get away with not enforcing their own TOS. The rules don’t apply to just PvP. People have become complacent with lax enforcement of the rules, which has led to rampant violations. Holding them accountable for their inaction is something everyone should be doing. You do you.