Passive AI in The Passage


Game mode: Singleplayer 98222/17925
Problem: Bug

Nothing attacks

Neither the spiders nor the bug queen attack. They are just passive.


Same here (single player)

reported previously: All mobs in "The Passage" are passive (single player)


It made me kind of sad and wistful when I went through there. As if they’ve lost the will to fight.


Yeah, all the bugs in the game made them lose their will to exist, haha! :smiley


Also, thralls won’t follow you in there. If you have a thrall on follow and exit into the Frozen North, the thrall spontaneously explodes. At least that’s what happened to me.


I thought they were suppose to be that way.

One of them has a “goodie” and they know if you attack, you will eventually kill them and take their good stuff. So…they ignore you and hope you would be underwhelmed and just leave.


That tactic actually did save the lives of many a spider when I went down there!
I killed a couple and then ignored the rest, going for the boss.


Well, I slaughtered them all and still wasn’t satisfied… :smiling_imp: