Passive AI in The Passage

Game mode: Singleplayer 98222/17925
Problem: Bug

Nothing attacks

Neither the spiders nor the bug queen attack. They are just passive.

Same here (single player)

reported previously: All mobs in "The Passage" are passive (single player)

It made me kind of sad and wistful when I went through there. As if they’ve lost the will to fight.

Yeah, all the bugs in the game made them lose their will to exist, haha! :smiley

Also, thralls won’t follow you in there. If you have a thrall on follow and exit into the Frozen North, the thrall spontaneously explodes. At least that’s what happened to me.

That tactic actually did save the lives of many a spider when I went down there!
I killed a couple and then ignored the rest, going for the boss.

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Well, I slaughtered them all and still wasn’t satisfied… :smiling_imp: