Patch notes for todays patch? (PC)

My game just updated 275mb - where are the patch notes? (steam version)
Top left corner say version 1.02

Just announced on steam:

Hello stalkers!

We have a fix for most users affected by the pre-Ryzen AMD Inventory and Cutscene freezes. An interim patch was posted on Friday which seems to fix the issues for 95% of affected users. As this has been well received we shall also patch today for everybody on the ‘Default’ branch.

Expect a new patch on Wednesday with more fixes, details to be announced then.

We would suggest that those of you using the ‘AMD_test’ branch should return to the ‘Default’ branch when the Wednesday patch goes live.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank all you so much for your patience.

Thank you from Funcom and TBLC.