[PC: 14.12.2018] Latest PC Patch. Get it while it's hot!

Hi Stalkers,

We have been working very hard to fix as many issues as possible for this patch. However, we are still fighting with the pre-Ryzen AMD processor audio issues – this is what has delayed the release of 1.3.

We believe that we were able to improve this a great deal in the last patch and were hoping to remove all symptoms with the new patch. Unfortunately the issues are caused by something unrelated to the game itself. We will however continue to chip away at the issue as best we can.

As we want to make sure we get meaningful fixes out to as many of you as possible, we’re pushing out the next patch to the main branch. If those of you with pre-Ryzen AMD processors still have issues, you can drop back to the ‘amd_test’ branch (password ‘HKS73903BBSnwee3D’) in the meantime.
We will continue to work through reported issues and very soon we will move on to feedback/suggestions.

Thanks a lot for your patience and help! We love you guys!
/Mark (TBLC)



  • Fix for cutscene and inventory freezes on certain Older AMD Processors.

  • Fix for crash on boot for certain save games.

  • ‘QA Has Suffered’ Achievement should now unlock correctly.

  • Fix for user stuck in combat without enemies in the Castle of Light.


  • Issues with heroes getting stuck in some covers.

  • Issue with being able to leave the map in the Metal Fields.

  • Fixed issues with mind control in Castle of Light.

  • Fixed stalls when shooting with ‘mind-controlled’ enemy.

  • Localized key binding text functional.

  • Fix for falling through floor of the Rot Warren.


  • Can now pick up the Smoke grenade in Spear of Heaven.

  • Destruction and geometry hiding fixes.

  • Inventory weapon models now update immediately after upgrading them in the ark.

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