[PC] 4x/2x Siptah Solo, Duo, Trio - Join Rivia's freshly wiped 70 slot no mount raiding server!


Rivia’s (https://riviagaming.com/) reimagined Siptah server! This 70 slot server has rules specific to solo/duo/trio clan raiding! The server utilizes the Pippi mod, so check the “Show Servers With Mods” box if you cannot find the server.

Direct connect at or search RiviaGaming.com #2

Server Rules

  • 3 man clan max. Raiding and defending as no more than 3 with no tag ins; if you are online when a raid starts you cannot log off to have people defend for you.
  • No cheating/exploiting (undermesh, duping, etc)
  • No racism, homophobic slurs, hate speech, doxxing, etc
  • No building abuse (building to create lag, blocking crucial spawns/areas, claim spamming, vault spamming)
  • Remove FoBs within 24 hours of raid completion
  • No poison arrow Maelstrom farm method
  • No impersonating admins or advertising

Raid Time 5pm – 11pm CST