[6/27 Start][PC][70 slot] RiviaGaming.com #1: 4x/2x PvP Server

Rivia’s original raiding server has just wiped! This 4x/2x server has limited rules creating an official server like experience with 70 slots and admins to step in to address the important issues like cheating/exploiting.

Direct connect at or search RiviaGaming

Server Rules (basically official rules)

  • No cheating/exploiting (undermesh, duping, etc)
  • No racism, homophobic slurs, hate speech, doxxing, etc
  • No building abuse (building to create lag, blocking crucial spawns/areas, claim spamming)
  • No impersonating admins or advertising

Raid Time
5pm – 11pm CDT

Additional Info
Purge time is from 6pm-10pm CDT
Scheduled server restarts are 3pm and 3am CDT