Fresh Server 5/29 - Argos PVP - 5x XP/Gathering - Weekend Raiding

Argos PVP
US West
Direct Connect:
Platform: PC
Player Damage Always ON
Raid Times/Building Damage: Saturday and Sunday 10am-Midnight PST
XP/Gathering: 5x ALL
Mods: Pippi only!


  • Active admin (does not play on the server)
  • Pippi currency paydays for online players.
  • Player hub with a market for player vendors, portals to the Weekly Quest Hub and PVP Arena.
  • Weekly Quest Hub: Earn pippi wallet currency by completing quests on a weekly basis for items found throughout the game.
  • PVP Arena: Fight vs other players on the server in the PVP Arena where you show up naked and have nothing to lose! You are provided with your choice of heavy, medium or light armor as well as weapons and consumables for your fight.
  • Map room, dancer to clear corruption, and a hub portal at every obelisk!
  • Weekly Events during non-raid hours
  • Fast night time!
  • Recruit a friend bonuses!
  • Skeleton Key Tradeins
  • Bounty turn ins!
  • Jousting Arena coming soon!


  • Do not harm admin buildings
  • Do not camp obelisks
  • Must be in a clan, even if you are solo.
  • Each clan may have up to 2 bases. Total building pieces may not exceed 5000.
  • No REGULAR foundation stacking higher than 3. Rule does NOT apply to FENCE foundations.
  • Clean up Wheel of Pain outposts
  • No exploiting, cheating, ect.


Whaaats up shaaayed. I just got raided through the mesh. Im trying to get my points up so i can send the proof to an admin.

might have to check this private out.