Ares PVP 10x XP / 5x Gather Lvl 60 [PC NA]

  • Map Rooms, Dancers and fountains at every obelisk.

  • Active PVP, server events (coliseum in the works, scavenger hunts, ect)

  • Raid hours: 15:00-22:00 PST

  • Direct Connect:

  • US West Server

  • Mods: Pippi, Higher Stacks, and Fashionist

  • Discord:

  • Fresh Wipe 11/19

  • Active Admin (doesn’t raid/pvp)


  • You are not allowed to advertise other Servers/Communities.
  • There is an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating/exploiting, any offenders will be instantly banned permanently.
  • Common sense applies.
  • Do NOT single foundation spam.
  • Don’t be toxic. Trash talking is one thing, being a douche is something else entirely.
  • If you kill the dancers the admin has placed at the obelisks, you will be yog’d.
  • Do not raid the admin’s house.
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