(PC) AoC Hyborian Adventures PvP - Fresh 4/25

Fresh server 4/25!
SERVER NAME : AoC Hyborian Adventures PvP
DISCORD : In server info
50 Man Server! Will be increased if needed.

-Active Admins -Admin hosted Server Events with Prizes!! (PvP/Joustings/And other fun things)

Amenities and Settings:
-PvP Arena
-Jousting Arena
-Trading Post
-Exp 2x -Harvesting Rate x5
-Half Craft -Clan size is 10 people
-24 Hour Building Destruction and PvP -Gods on
-No Planned Wipes (As of now) -Drop Loot on Death
-Scheduled restarts 8/5am EST/PST everyday
-Mod Update checks every hour on the hour
-More planned

*Mods in load order:
Improved quality of life
Emberlight Stylist plus (Fashionist)
Configurable elevators
Age of Calamitous

*On the server browser make sure to check “Show servers with Mods” *Make sure to turn on automatic subscribe and download mods and auto join to server in settings/gameplay(edited)

Recruitment Reward System: If the new player states your steam or ingame name you will receive a reward via tier system:
Tier 1: 1-2 players- 5 full stacks of any Materials you want
Tier 2: 3-4 Players- Tier 1 Rewards+ T3 Thrall of your choosing
Tier 3: 5-6 Players- Tier 1 and 2 Rewards + a set of T3 Crafting Thralls
Tier 4: 7-8 Players- Tier 1,2, and 3 Rewards + T4 Crafting Thrall

Looks like fun! Is pvp 24/7 or only on weekends?

PvP is 24/7! Bring your A game!

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I really like this server, join us !

Still looking for more people to join the server!