PC Bug Report - Server Settings - Crafting Cost Multiplier

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Game mode: Private Testlive
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: No crash

The bug - PC, Private server, no mods, only changing server settings - the server setting CraftingCostMultiplier (The one that changes how many materials are required to craft, not the one that changes how long crafting takes) does not appear to work.

Changing this value does not affect my game server in any way. I adjusted it from the default 1.0 to 0.75 as a test, and used Sandstone Foundation as my test object. It costs 35 stone to make base, and 35 stone to make after the setting change, whereas it should cost 26 stone at a 0.75 multiplier.

After checking the forums, this has been a bug for 15 months, I first saw it reported Feb. 2017. Please fix this.

Repro steps:

  1. Change the value of the Crafting Cost Multiplier in your config file to something other than 1.00
  2. Save and restart the server.
  3. Log into a server, this option does not work at all and is easily tested.
  4. Try to craft something, notice that the cost is not reduced or increased.
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Has this been looked into at all?

I’m playing a private server with one of my friends and the crafting costs are completely absurd. We have to gather things 5x beyond the point of encumbrance just to build one crafting structure… and tools require inordinate amounts of materials for what they are (ex. gigantic boulder -> tiny spear).

This stuff makes no logical sense.

Changing the harvest multiplier as a workaround leads to numerous imbalances with other things in the game and isn’t a viable solution… but is the only thing we can do until this function gets fixed/re-implemented.

Another month goes by…

And not on the known issues list: Issues Status - PC

Apparently a 1.5 year old bug isn’t a worthy issue to fix.

Hi Isher and sorry about this.
The post seems to have slipped through the cracks.
Noted it down to have it checked internally :slight_smile:


Hi Tascha,
any update on this ?
Still couldn’t find it in the Buglist either.


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