(PC) [EU] PvE-C | Exiled Lands | Newbie friendly 2x XP/Harvest

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine and I just started a new private PvE Conflict Server on the Exiled Lands, everyone is welcome.
Here are some Facts:

Severname: Newbie friendly 2x XP/Harvest
Server IP:
No Password

Map: Exiled Lands
Days old: 13 Days
Mods: none (Vanilla)


PvP always on
No Structure damage and we will never activate that.
No Avatars
Purge lvl 4 (will be lvl 6 in 2 Weeks)
Purge meter trigger value 50% less the official servers (you could get purged more often)
Full loot aktive (make sure to no one can enter your base)
2x XP for everything except passively
2x Harvest

Hope to see you soon and stay healthy :slight_smile:


We changed some configs:

Purge is active
PvP 24h/day active