Exiled Land - PvP - No GODs - No Wipe - started 5th Feb 2019

Hello everybody,
i opend a new PvP Server for everyone. (PC)
It have nearly the same stats like the offical Servers have.
Its not lagging like the Official does.

Servername: Exiled Land - PvP - NO GODs - No Wipe - started 5th Feb. 2019 -

Like Official one expect few things:
1,5x Gathering Rate
No God Avatars Enabled
Resource Respawn: 1,5x

Server type: PVP

Age Restrictions: everybody, but stay easy.

Language Requirement: English

Location of Server: EU

Max capacity of the server: 40+ (higher if server will be full)

Server Settings:
XP rate: 1x
Gathering Rate: 1,5
Daytime: normal
Night Time: litte faster
Hunger/Thirst settings: normal
Drop Equipment on Death: Sure, its PvP
God Avatars: Disabled
The Purge Activated: Yes

Peak Play Times: We’ll see.

Does the Server use Mods? No !

If you have some questions, ask me.
Ill be here.

Thank you.
Maybe see u guys on the server soon.


I am interested in joining
i have around 300 hrs on the game and am looking for a group to play with