Exiled Land of Sinners

Exiled Land of Sinners, a new 40 slot PvP server a friend & I made a couple days ago. We were tired of the way other abusive admins would run their servers & we all know how official can be w alpha clans not giving new players a chance to build before wiping them, claiming half the map/obelisks/ resources w an entire 10 man squad. In our server we’re not going to allow that. We’re a solo/duo/trio PvP server that won’t put up w toxic behavior. We’re looking to get all types of players in weather you’re new to the game or have been playing since day one all are encouraged to come join. We have map rooms at every obelisk, a welcome center at H3 to get you started & our raid hours are Monday-Sunday 6 pm to 11pm EST. We have minimal rules only to discourage grieving & abusive behavior. Harvest is set to 3x. We’re planning to start some events once we get a more consistent player count. We’re also completely open to any suggestions that anyone may have. Bring a friend & when they get to level 40 we have rewards for you to claim! Come check out the server, there’s plenty of good spots still open as of right now! Can’t wait to see some of you in there!

Exiled land of sinners (new) solo / duo / trio 3x harvest