[PC][EU][PVP][NoLag] Stronghold - New improwed raid focused Conan Exiles server


I would like to invite you to the new Conan Exiles PVP server.

General information
Discord: discord.gg/b2cMmy62KE

Harvesting: x1
XP: x1

Wednesdays and Saturdays from 18:00 to 22:00 CET.

Simple rules

  1. The limit of items per clan is 5000. Used limit can be checked in the game with the command / buildingsinfo
  2. Limit of individual structures per clan:
    Vaults: 1
    Maprooms: 1
    Trebuchet foundation: 1
  3. Make only one main base. The number of good base places is quite limited, so give other players a chance to play as well.
  4. The use and abuse of hacks and exploits is not allowed.

Server Hardware
CPU: Intel Xeon-E 2274G - 4c / 8t - 4GHz / 4.9GHz
RAM: 32 GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
Disc: SSD NVMe
Network: 1 Gbps + anti DDoS protection

Server in early stage of development
This server is not created for me but for you, so I count on constant support and feedback from the community of this server. I am not infallible and not every change I make will be “hit”. If you have any good ideas for changes please use Discord > #ideas. If you want to know what’s changing, check out Discord > #change-list.

List of major changes and improvements that are already introduced on the server. For more information, please visit the Discord.

  • Removed many smaller camps, and unlocked construction in these places. It allowed to increase the number of good places to build the base.
  • Added kit “starter” available after entering the command / kit in the game. It contains all the necessary things for beginners.
  • After creating a character, the player will have all religions taught to avoid the problem of no priest / teacher after completing the process of clearing the map from smaller camps.
  • Removal fence foundations. I had a choice of blocking the possibility of building in caves and “cave-like” locations or blocking fence foundations. It seems to me that on a server where it is possible to repair and rebuild during a raid, removing fence foundations is the best option.
  • Removal of structures from black ice. Forcing a balance between more experienced players (choosing black ice structures) and those less experienced (choosing brick structures). Black ice structures are much cheaper and require only 2 components to repair, so ultimately their construction and “handling” are easier. After removing the structures from black ice, players can better personalize the appearance of their fortresses (many variants from DLC). Normally they would choose “Black Ice” because of the ease of production.
  • Crafting Potion of Midnight has been disabled. Reason: abuse (the ability to quickly escape from the battlefield, raid). Potion can be purchased from Child of Jhebbal Sag near The Den.
  • Placing structures (lock resource respawn) on the Sulfur Lake was blocked.
  • Blocked placing structures on/under the ice near Bridge of the Betrayer. Players used this place to build vaults under water that were very heavy or impossible to destroy.
  • The number of mobs spawning in the winter biome has been reduced.

List of the latest changes.

  • A lot of decorations that are not needed for crafting on pvp servers have been removed. Some of them had a negative impact on server performance or were used to crash it.
  • The ability to crafting placed torches has been removed. They have a very negative impact on FPS and in some cases players have deliberately put their amount far above the demand. On our server, night practically does not exist, therefore putting up a torch is not necessary. Hand-held torches are still crafting.
  • Build area lock has been increased in mine (near sepermeru) to fix problem with locking resource respawn inside mine.
  • Repair kits have been added to the base kit.
  • After start playing on the server, the player will immediately receive lvl 60. This change will help even out the playing field between new and old players. Let’s leave the leveling system for RP / PvE servers.
  • Maprooms have been added to the world. After discovering their location, they will be marked on the map.
  • Removed silver ore from Descent of Dagon.
  • Mine near Sepermeru are improved. Now this is best place for farming stone, coal and silver. Now silver ore spawn only in this place.

For more specified informations check our discord.