ValorPvP - Fresh Server 5/29 - No Avatars - 2x Rates

Why should I play Conan Exiles on ValorPvP?

Fresh Server: Looking for a place where you won’t be far behind? We started our Conan Exiles server on 5/29, just over a week ago. There are a great number of popular build locations unclaimed and ready for you and your clan.

Established Community: Our Conan Exiles community is an extension of our popular and successful cluster of ARK servers. Joining a server with an existing community helps create a feeling of stability and and longevity.

Excitement: Conan Exiles is a huge hit in our community and we are excited by the huge potential that the game has. If you are looking for a long term community to become a part of, we invite you to stop by and visit ValorPvP!

Server Settings

  • Player PvP: 24/7
  • Raiding: Evenings (5pm - Midnight) and Weekends (Noon to Midnight) US Eastern Time
  • No Avatars
  • Clan Limit - 7
  • 40 Player Slots
  • No planned wipes
  • 2x NPC Damage (Tougher thralls mean better defense for your base!)
  • 2x Gathering
  • 2x XP Gain
  • 2x Crafting Speed

Our Raiding Mentality

  • Destroy only what you need to in order to get to the loot.
  • Leave items you aren’t going or take - don’t despawn loot.
  • Raid those at similar levels of progression - let newer clans build up.
  • Be respectful and positive. Banter is fine, but avoid real negativity.
  • Don’t be motivated to drive clans off the server - playing alone is not fun.


  • No griefing. You know if you are doing it. So do we.
  • Do not block large resource spawns. (Brimstone, Black Ice, Thralls, etc)
  • No foundation/structure spamming. We will clean up randomly placed structures that are not a part of a base.
  • No PvP around the desert spawn area and nearby riverbank. Structures on the southern side of the main river are to be left alone unless the base is T2 or higher.

Community & Connect