[PC] Fire Fang {RP-PVP | Magic | Events | Mods | Quests} ACTIVE STAFF

Greetings, exiles.
I would like to invite you to join us on our server, Fire Fang RPPVP.
Feel free to join our discord (linked below) if you are interested or have questions. You may also direct connect to the server using the IP(linked below).

Server info:

Server name: Fire Fang RP/PVP[Active admins][Quests][Events]
Server IP:

Mod List:

Pippi - User & Server Management
Conan Sexiles
Dye More Betterer
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
Fashionist (1.0 and DLC compatible)
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Roleplay 1.6.4
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Better Thralls v1.5.0 (Pickup & more followers) Exiled_lands_improved

Discord: discord.gg/2CE8R5X


Fire Fang is a roleplay player versus player server that aims to create a totally immersive experience. The mods we have chosen were carefully picked as to enhance the gameplay with immersion in mind.
The team behind the scenes is working hard to create content and an economy within the game itself. There are merchants you can find across the map that will buy and sell goods in efforts to enrich the world and create a flowing economy. We use in game silver and gold as currency which can be obtained through normal means or through quests and/or selling to merchants or trading with other players.
Quests are hand tailored across the map. There are daily quests to earn gold and resources as well as story arcs and chained quests that will grant EXP to help level up as well as unlock new content in game.
The admin team also creates custom quests for individuals. It is not uncommon to log in to see a thespian standing outside your base, offering you a quest.
The mods we use allow players access to new features such as:
-D20 system
-Kicking in doors
-Picking locks
-Breaking open chests
-Xotli religion
-Many new weapons/armor including a weapon upgrade system.
-Ability to name thralls and pets, and pick them back up into your inventory
-Much more!