PC Halloween Update (31.10.2018)

THanks Jens

Dude i logged in again to check if this is for real.

All is bleu, doesn’t seem to get day at all, and its is way to dark and all BLEU!

Imagine to have to watch all hours gaming at a bleu game lol.

This must be a prank lol we dont do halloween in holland so i dont know lol.

You got me there ! G1 now turn it off please :slight_smile:


I want to ask about the optimization update. It’s good that you are doing events, but it can afford a studio that does not have a broken game. I apologize for honesty, but that’s how it is.

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Should that be HalloweenMeteorDecayTimer=X

Yes! Typed it out a little too quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

Roger thanks for staying online for this startup event.

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This isn’t a prank :slight_smile: It says so right there in the patch notes.

Nothing to apologize for, we appreciate honesty and constructive feedback :slight_smile: We are working on an optimization patch that will come out at a later date.

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Jens how can i switch this mode off i don’t want a bleu game for a week please.


What next? Fluffy Unicorns?

Pls… when u think this stuff is Important, make checkbox for deactivate this…

Pls fix the bugs & the performance problems, the most players play games when they are rly finish. Nobody like crashes and stuff that didnt work.

Finish pls the game in a stable version, bring every 2 month a DLC for your money, and all other makes the players himself.



The Japanese server has downloaded this patch and I can’t get in because the patch hasn’t launched yet for me since I am American. So I’ve noticed Japanese gets everything first. But why can’t I get into the Japanese server to defend my bases? If I can’t get access to the room due the this then It’s not right. Launching updates should be at equal times. They probably looted my base. Wow

Hi Jens,

What about the fix for the purge bar not increasing? Thought you guys said in the stream it would come today with the event; I see nothing about he purge on the notes. This should be your priority fix.

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This is screenshot from my base. Gamma option in game is set to 3.0 (max), on server is actually DAY no NIGHT and u anyway cant see anything. Can u tell me how i can leave my base, build something, raid or famr ? Cause this is blocking your view more like default night in this game. Fix this please or remove it…


Cool. Would be nice if this could be made into a server setting of some kind that server admins could turn off & on for server events and not have it just be tethered to halloween.

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Event is bugged, tried 2 meteor showers, both had only particles not even single one let me mine

All versions have been patched now and we do understand that it’s not ideal. We try to patch all servers and versions at the same time, but we’re not always able to on the dot.

Do you have any torches on hand that could light the way? :slight_smile:

This is still a priority for us, but we weren’t able to bring it out for this patch.


no i actually dont have any torches in hand but there is like 20 torches inside my base, i mean standing torches but as u can see, no making ani light. actually i was talking with other players on server and i am not alone with this problem

In addition water wells and fish traps are bugged. No water in the wells and no fish caught in traps. Please look into this. Thanks for all your hard work.

i was making one too but this is the same as mine so you spared me this effort :wink:

My game looks the same and outside its even darker, as there are less refecltions of lamps/fire/

when i go tweaking i lose all kinds of detail.

Above that , the indoor is pink heu now, <ALL is pinkish indoor lol

We are aware. It’s one of our highest priority bugs but for some reason we have issues properly reproducing it reliably to figure out what the cause could be.

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This is known and being looked into :slight_smile: