[PC]High pitched rattling sound from Vanir Settler Jewelry

As I ran, jumped and fought yesterday I noticed a high pitched ringing or rattling sound that quickly became annoying and evolved into a head ache. It almost sounded like the sound you can get from a old power supply unit when it starts to break down, and for a moment I got upset because I thought that was what was about to happen on my computer.

But it suddenly it stopped, just as I stopped my character.

Futher testing showed it had to do with my character movements. So I started to equip and unequip my newly crafter armor parts and I found out that the sound came from me moving with the Vanir Settler Jewelry equpped.

This might not be a gamebreaking bug, but I whish that you guys look into this sound as it actually gave me a headache. The constant high ptiched rattle is unbearable. Maybe it’s a combination of the sound and my sound system, but I have not encountered anything similar before even though many games have rattling sounds from armor.

I’d suggest to remove the sound entirely because a two earrings doesn’t make that much sound to begin with. It’s not like I’m hanging two chainmail shirts from my ears.

Thanks for reading.

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