Weird sound while running around

While I’m running around, usually close to my base I believe, I can hear weird sound from time to time.

It’s some kind of wooden like sound, like shuting the door or springing some trap, it’s very loud, a bit annoying if it happens more than once in a while (in few cases it did) but my biggest problem is I have no clue what does it mean.

I think I know what it is :wink: isn’t it when you go far from your base and then come back?? isn’t it louder version or stacked sound when you have something done in workbench??
I have such sound-things-problems, I go explore/slay/pick resources, come back near base and suddenly BAAM loud sound and I know everything is done in workbenches :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s playing all the completed crafting sounds at once. It’s kind of annoying.

yep that’s probably it :slight_smile: Good to know and yeah can be annoying.