Freaky Crashing and Growling Sounds?

Game mode: Private Multi-Player Server
Problem: Misc - Bizarre Sounds

MP server using Age of Calamitous mod.

  1. I suddenly started hearing a very loud, crashing, booming sound with intermittent growling. I was on the beach on the far eastern edge of the jungle biome near the curse wall. I had just been swimming and came out of the water and placed a couple sandstone walls when it started.

  2. I asked my clan mate, who was across the map somewhere else, if he could hear it. He could not, but when he spawned in by his bed at my location, then he could hear it. It got more frequent and neither of us could figure out where it was coming from or what it was.

  3. He relogged to main screen and back and could still hear it. I logged out completely and then logged back in and then the sound stopped.

  4. Several minutes later I had placed some sandstone foundation blocks in the water, then destroyed them. The sound suddenly started again. It seemed coincidence, but maybe not? It was still booming and growling when I logged off.

I recorded a short video of the sound. Freaky Sound!

hey, i’m happy to read someone is wondering about this freaky sound, i live here also in the game and i really don’t know if it’s a bug or something else :smiley: i wish we will find what’s going on with this !

Northern or southern part of the beach? I have a base near the new Black hand ship and haven’t heard such sounds.

Southern islands, near the Witch Queen’s Palace.

A person in our Discord channel says it is the sounds from there (no spoilers) and that it can be triggered without going in, and you can run far away and still hear it.

We swam by there not long before we started hearing it, but seems odd it didn’t start right away and would start and stop, sometimes for quite a while. I guess it’s possible we can hear it over at our base when someone else is in there?

Sounds possible, probably an audio bug.

Yes, experiencing this on our private server as well, its annoying and the more you build the more unplayable the area becomes.

Okay so the result is in, scooper at funcom took our server.db and used both no mods and mods to figure out the issue, the issue is not on funcoms side but mod side. Thanks scooper, your a Class A dev!

Cool info ! But i’m wondering, we have no mods on my server and we still have this sound, thats weird :smiley: