(PC) singleplayer crafting sound bug

iv noticed that i can hear the crafting sound of an item being finished even when im away from my base and when i have everything in my base crafting its a none stop sound. i can hear it even when my base isnt rendered in

For me, the sound stops when I leave the area but once I return, the crafting sounds for every item completed all play at once. It’s pretty annoying. Your issue is probably more irritating though.

I have the same bug on Single Player. All sounds at the same time. Before I figured it out what it is I always thought something just broke!

yeah, got the same thing with every sound played at once in sp myself. got kinda used to it, like "hey, boss we’re done :wink: quite satisfying to hear that cranking sound with a couple hundred things in the making

it seems to be indeed related to the single player mode, since it happened to me 1 000 times in SP and it never happened to me online for 2 days.
i’m glad i don’t hear that sound anymore because it was pretty annoying and even “scary” sometimes when everything was calm and quiet.