Loud slaming sound

I have this loud metalic door slaming sound that constantly booms in my game, someone else have the problem? mabye a fix?
I use mods and have uninstalled them but it’s still there :frowning:

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance

yes! i keep hearing it too
idk what it is but it’s annoying

only thing I can think of is it seems to happen when i enter an area with a boss creature in it (this is only based off of 2 areas i frequent, though) the boss shaleback and king rhino spawn areas often create the sound for me

I wonder if this could be that crafting noise that I am hearing also. It is like something finished crafting but the noise is much louder. I haven’t pinpointed exactly when it hapens but there seems to be a consistency to it.

I think this happens when you’re crafting a lot of something at a base. Then, you leave the area, usually to collect more stuff. The crafting sound goes away but when you come back to the base “BLAM” like the crafting sound is trying to catch up all at ounce.

I suspect as much as it definately is the crafting finished sound…

Can confirm this in SP too.