[PC] Kingdoms of Ash (18+ Heavy RP Light PVP)-fresh wipe-custom player quests-2x gather-faction system-lore and story-

Kingdoms of Ash is a recently developed RP-Light PVP server with an admin team that is active and attentive to the needs of our players. With our team we hope to bring in an immersive and active experience to our players with quest lines, custom gear, and an immersive story line and server lore. our hope is to have an RP server unlike any other.

The Exiled lands are a dangerous and ever changing place. Kingdoms rise and just as quickly fall to ash to be swept up in the shifting sands. Three factions have risen with an agenda in the exiled lands. Will you look to join, work against or simply look for your own adventure. You Decide.

With our server being recently developed we currently plan to have scheduled wipes (cycles) for every 2-3 months, this will change depending on server stability and after each cycle server rates will be increased to help with the rebuilding process. each cycle is just more opportunities for your characters and stories considering each one will be the tipping point of faction power.

Our focus is to help our playerbase feel included and to have fun in the stories unfolding around them in the exiled lands and help make your stories last and become part of our history, Character and server lore can have tangible impact on the server as the game map can be altered and with every action, a reaction occurs in our world. so come join us and leave your mark.

To apply simply go to recruitment on our website and fill out an application and dont forget to read the rules. its that simple.

join us on our discord and feel free to ask any questions you may have! cant wait to see you there~!


www . kingdomsofash. co .uk// = website

we hope to see you soon~!

recent updates to rules and now has a open discord

mod adjustments, pythags was taken out.

events and meetings soon

Custom mod has been added to our mod list.

Server time zone?

its based in germany.

a few orginisational changes to the rules and lore.