(PC) Lost Vikings Clan Recruiting - Private RPPvP

Hey Exiles,

Looking to get RP & PvP friendly players for my clan on a private server.

Servername is Sanctuary RP-PvP. EST timezones. I do not own the server but the admins seem solid (been playing on this server since 5/8). Has only wiped once since then due to unavoidable issues with the ruin system. Admin is very adamant about not wiping unless forced.

We have 5 active players (13 total counting less active members) with a decent mix of types, some just like building and role-playing, couple hitters in PvP. We got all types and welcome all types.

70/70 slot server, usually 15+ in the mornings online and near or at cap for nights and weekends

1x rates

Admins very strictly never spawn items into game, not even to compensate for glitches

KOS allowed

Raiding and asset damage allowed, except during an overnight raid lock designed to cut down on offline raiding. Raid lock is 3am-10am EST.

Servername is Sanctuary RP-PvP. Join up, join the discord (Esc > server settings) and send me a DM to join.

Contact these characters to join:
Zandragal Ironhide (myself, leader)
Kyokes Ironhide (officer)