[PC][OCE] Burning Lands - 2x PVP - [9-5 Friendly] - New start 24/1/2020

Welcome to the Burning Lands. Survive and your glory will be heard unto legends.

We are catering to those who wish to PVP but also have a 9-5 career that they need to take care of on a day to day basis. Currently the weekend settings are from 5pm to midnight but this may change depending on community feedback. We will listen.

Not too many rules, just have fun and play sensibly (maybe with a stabby stab here and there).

[General Info]

  • Started on the 24/1/2020 - Fresh
  • Dedicated Server - Hosted on g-portal (1 yr)
  • Welcome Pack Center available at Middle Top G3 - Take one of each and leave it for others as well :slight_smile:
  • 60 FPS
  • Discord - discord.gg/ZBZfnz8
  • Direct Connect -

[Raid Weekday]
Starts: 7pm AEST
Ends: 10pm AEST

[Raid Weekend]
Starts: 5pm AEST
Ends: 11:59pm AEST


  • Don’t build over dungeons
  • Don’t block resource/NPC spawns
  • Do not abuse exploits (eg. meshing, stat, duping)